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TantraWhen you think of Tantric, such things like poop, pee, and puke usually never come to mind!  But this IS part of Tantric ritual. As a matter of fact,  Tantra may include any or all of the elements of traditional ritual…along with other rites and themes such as a feast (food, sustenance), coitus (sexuality, procreation), charnel grounds (death, transition) and defecation, urination and vomiting (waste, renewal, fecundity). Note the word THEMES.  Most people of the Western world have joyfully latched onto the coitus theme, and remain blissfully unaware of the rest.  Everyone knows, especially in Las Vegas, that someone advertising a “Tantric” massage is offering a bit more than that! 

While keeping a respectful distance when describing the “transformation” Wikipedia states:

 “As Tantra has become more popular in the West it has undergone a major transformation, which has made Modern Tantra, or the New Age interpretations of Tantra, more properly called Neotantra, different from the original Tantric traditions of India. For many modern readers, “Tantra” has become a synonym for “spiritual sex” or “sacred sexuality”, a belief that sex in itself ought to be recognized as a sacred act which is capable of elevating its participants to a more sublime spiritual plane[Urban (2003), pp. 204-205]

Though Neotantra may adopt many of the concepts and terminology of Indian Tantra, it often omits one or more of the following;

the traditional reliance on guruparampara (the guidance of a guru),extensive meditative practice, and traditional rules of conduct – both moral and ritualistic.”

Tantra is a religious choice, just like anything else.  Many different philosophies exist utilizing the mystical experiences of “sexual” energies and attractions.  Tao being one that also encourages the meditation upon, and controling of sexual energy, moving it consciously through the body’s meridians and chakras;a vessel for achieving the state of “higher” consciousness.  Modalities such as these have undergone abuses from those seeking to take advantage of the marketing ploy “sex sells.”

Of course, the purpose of any religion, sect, cult, perception, belief, or bible out there is to introduce an idea, and if that idea appeals to you and improves upon your sense of existence and purpose, then by all means, adapt it into your life!  No law says we have to take it all or nothing! 

Personally, I believe Tantric or Tao Sex has a wonderful place within a persons life, and should be looked at and experimented with.  Though the emphasis is on couples sharing this together, it can also be adapted for the single seeker.  It is the idea that matters.  Seek a qualified guru to instruct and guide you in your journey.

For those who deceive for purposes of commerce…shame on you.   

 A Message from Massage Solutions Las Vegas



It is possible to find real massage in Las Vegas!  Find it here with Massage Solutions! Open the phonebook, and you are flooded with suggestions that have nothing to do with an actual therapeutic, pain relieving session.  With the reputation Las Vegas has for “entertainment” it’s no wonder those seeking real therapeutic massage can reach higher levels of frustration very quickly. 

Of course you can go to a spa or studio, but this is a 25 🙂 hour town, and what happens when you finish work at 9? Good luck getting in those doors!  Local “craig’s” listings? In the words of Lucy, “Good Grief!”  Honestly, as a therapist, I still don’t know what “full body services” could (eh hem) possibly mean.

So what do you do?

You can try Us or continue your search with the following help:

Look for the NON SEXUAL tagline in ads.  This narrows things down, A LOT. 

Look for the license number. 

****The NVMT # is only the State level, and only means “someone” there has a State license to practice. This by no means implies they have a business license. Therapist must be licensed through the city, with a health card as well, and independents through County, too.  You can check this by entering the # on the City and or County license searches.

Ask if the therapist has a table!  This is one good key to find out if it’s the real thing. 

Unfortunately, Tantrahas been just as widely abused as the massage tagline! There is only ONE true priestess of tantra that we know of in the United States, and she explicity states that anyone seeking the “other kind” do NOT contact Her! 

Pictures say a thousand words!  Most practitioners use massage related images, and rarely use their own image in advertising.  If it looks suggestive, it is.

Good Luck on your searching!


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