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This could be perhaps the strangest thing you may ever do if you are unaccustomed to having your throat touched. Some of the guidelines to follow when doing this are:
Stay relaxed and comfortable.
Hum or talk to distract you from tension.
Use caution, be slow in your movements until you are comfortable.

You are your own best guide, and can tell if it hurts wrong or hurts right. If you are undergoing any chiropractic care, discuss this with them before beginning, show them the video, too. There are dozens upon dozens of miniscule muscles within the cervial column all controling finite movement of the head, neck and shoulders. Sufferers of Migraines, tension or stress headaches, vertigo, jaw pain (TMJ) are just a few who can benefit from doing self massage for the throat.

Techniques applied by a therapist are quite different, as we must beware of the vascular and nervous systems while working the area. You, however, can feel your way in, safely and slowly, until you are completely comfortable doing this. Seek the guidance of your personal massage therapist to enhance the results.

Take Care of Your Self, Always…
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