massage-las-vegas.jpg     For those who seek legitimate massage therapy while in Las Vegas, Massage Solutions is the way to go. Therapists have been stigmatized in Las Vegas, and constantly battle this image in searches and on location, too.  We have come across the “escorts” who just show up at the unsuspecting client’s house!

Joy that there are ways to avoid this embarrassing situation!

We would love for everyone to give us a look-see at  Massage Solutions!  If you still find yourself searching, here are some helpful hints to locate legitimate therapists: Salons are obvious, yet useless after 6pm closing, or when they are booked up, and after an eight to 13 hour flight arriving at 11:23pm, a convenient on location massage sounds divine!

1. Never give any personal information until you are SURE these are the services you want! The “escorts” will get a name and location, then automatically send the “escort” to you whether you ask for it or not!  Usually you have already said no, yet they arrive anyway!

2. Any ads displaying words like “hot oil rubdown” “beautiful therapists” “guaranteed to please” just steer away!

3. Images in ads that are not massage related, like lipstick, lingerie, (We have even seen cherries, yeesh!) turn the page.

4. The label of “non-sexual” is not always accurate, yet can narrow it down a lot.  If the operator answers in a “suggestive” voice, hang up and try another.

5. Look for the Lic.#.  Same companies will advertise under different names, with false numbers, hoping to snag you that way.  It’s easy to check them out online through the county/city license search.  Takes about one minute of your time, and can weed out those who are not up to code. By the way, these #s are required by law in all ads.

County #s look like ####-519    City is MT######

6. Sorry, the local Craigslist is full of the escorts, and most of the Asian ones will tell you “we don’t do that kind of massage” when you ask for a swedish, etc.  There are legits, but hard to find.

In all, legitimate therapists abound, yet must struggle through the crowds of “that kind of massage” to reach you. 

Peace, Relaxation, and Healing thoughts to You!